G-FINDER data portal: tracking funding for global health R&D

The G-FINDER project tracks R&D funding for new products and technologies that address global health challenges disproportionately affecting the world's most disadvantaged populations. The G-FINDER data portal provides open access to all data captured by the G-FINDER project between 2007 and 2021 and is updated annually at the start of the year.

Funding for neglected disease drug R&D rose by $105m (11%) in 2021, overtaking vaccine R&D for the first time in history

In 2021, $4.14 billion was invested in R&D for neglected diseases

Public funding from the UK fell sharply in 2021, dropping by $114m (-56%), with substantial cuts from all its major funding organisations

Pharmaceutical industry investment rebounded by $77m in 2021, mainly thanks to a $70m (47%) increase in private sector HIV R&D

Funding to PDPs for neglected disease R&D fell to a record low of $433m in 2021, down $273m from their 2008 peak

Thanks to increases from industry and the Gates Foundation, HIV/AIDS drug R&D rose by $96m to $279m, a new record high